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Good to see you here using my link to join “Free Digital Marketing Course” and interested to learn digital marketing for career or business growth.

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Before going forward, do you know what is Digital Marketing and how it impacts your career or Business Growth when you learn it step by step. Here we go.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is termed as set of processes one does to promote a product or service using online methods like Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Organic Search Marketing, Paid Marketing, SEO, SEM, PPC, CPC and many other methods involved. You’ll learn all of these here on my course.

How Digital Marketing Impacts your Life

When you visit Facebook, Twitter,  LinkedIn, Instagram or any other Social Media Channels, you are being marketed to products and services in the form of content like text, videos, audio, gif and many more and people earn when you click or visit their links available.

yes you can earn too using your own links in the form of affiliate or display ads.

This industry, itself is an ocean filled with many treasures to earn from, you just need practice and self learning using my Free Video Lessons.

Who all very-likely to learn digital marketing course

  1. Sales and Marketing Professionals
  2. Entrepreneurs
  3. Solopreneurs
  4. Bloggers
  5. Content Marketers
  6. Social Media Enthusiasts
  7. Digital Marketing Folks.
  8. Anyone who want to start or shift his career to this field.
  9. E-commerce business owners
  10. Traditional Marketers/ Businessman for online presence and Lead Generation.
  11. SEO practitioners
  12. People who want to make money online
  13. Any website owner on internet
  14. Aspiring Entrepreneurs
  15. Actually anyone and everyone

You can get after completion of course:

  1. A certificate by
  2. A high salary job as Social Media Manager, Digital Marketing Manager, Facebook Ads Expert, Google Ads expert etc. and many more and for a fresher salary starts from 1.8LPA to 3.5LPA for a fresher.
  3. Run your own business and grow online.
  4. Be a Digital Marketing Consultant for Top companies and earn Salary or equity in their growth.
  5. Become an influencer.
  6. So on…..

Still not satisfied, check the Google trends data for the last five years in India which is not ready to stop…

google trend for digital marketing

Sounds Interesting now?

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Happy Learning!

Shashank Srivastava 🙂


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Shashank Srivastava is a digital marketing, small business marketing consultant with a unique ideology on social media, seo & entrepreneurship.

He started his first venture in 2013 and has been helping Small businesses grow ever since. Stay in touch by liking his Facebook Page or being a friend on facebook.

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