10 Advice for Social Media Marketing Strategy (Take it or Cry forever)

social media marketing strategy

Social Media Marketing on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. are lifeline for many businesses these days and greatest tool to drive traffic & sales easily. Preparing a Social Media Marketing Plan can help you grow, scale, sell and can help you get… Continue Reading


How to Become a Digital Marketing Expert (Specialist Tips)

Digital Marketing Expert Specialist

Industry is shifting towards internet and becoming a self-made Digital Marketing Expert is most important to survive even if you are just a sales guy in your executive position or working in a BPO assisting customers with their query. I… Continue Reading


Lesson 8 How to setup Google Analytics for Website Traffic Analysis

When you already made a website or blog and want to know who visited your website and what actions they took, you always need Google Analytics tools setup for Website traffic analysis. To get started, you need to go to… Continue Reading


How to make transition of Digital Marketing Career from your Day Job

transition from traditional job to digital marketing career

I was a BPO employee, learnt from my personal experiences about switching my job to Digital Marketing career. The worst part about BPO is their long hours and non stop calls on headphone. Everyone loves to talk on phone if its… Continue Reading


Lesson 6 How to create website or blog using WordPress Dashboard

In the last lesson, we learned how to install WordPress using any hosting account and here we will learn how to create website using WordPress. Here in this lesson, we will be learning, how to install a theme, how to… Continue Reading