Lesson 1- Introduction to What or How to Learn Digital Marketing

A great welcome to the first lesson of free digital marketing course. I will explain, what digital marketing is, what the benefits are if you learn digital marketing, industry size and who all can join this free course series. Why you should learn it.

I am hoping you will be excited to learn this free course after watching the first lesson video below.

Is video blurry? See the gear icon at the bottom of video? Click it and from quality choose 720P resolution.

Note: Data usage will be higher and may cost you if not using any internet plan.

As I explained in this first lesson, digital marketing can help you get a great job, popularity is very high for Practitioners and experts.

You can look for your business opportunity as well. You can do your own sales and marketing online if you learn Digital Marketing.

It’s a free course so grab the opportunity and signup if not done yet.

Lesson 1 includes

  1. What is Digital Marketing?
  2. What industry thinks about digital marketing?
  3. Why should you learn digital marketing?
  4. What opportunities you have in terms of career or business after learning this free course.
  5. Salary ranges for Digital Marketing jobs being a fresher and experts can get up to INR 1 crore annually as their salary package with experience ranging from 10 to 20 years.
  6. Next lesson highlights.

Join Question Answer forum

Join Question Answer forum to learn digital marketing and clearing your doubts anytime. Forum “Digital Marketing Enthusiasts” have a great community of people where in getting answers is very easy and quick for learners.

Trust me, they love to help with any questions you have.

After joining, introduce yourself to group and post your question related to digital marketing and I or people around will help actively.

Why this Digital Marketing course is Free?

You and many other asked this question every day that why I teach this course for free where it values approximately INR 50,000.00.

This series is free because when people like you start their website or blog and write about me as their first teacher, it motivates me and make my day.

A great number of people in thousands started their blogs and entered in digital marketing field using my free course. That is cloud nine, isn’t it?

Purchase Web Hosting and get a Free Domain Name

If you are looking for a career or even to start learning digital marketing, you will need your own website.

I personally recommend to start your own blog (In future lessons, I will explain why your personal website is the focal point and digital marketing revolves around your website)

I will also help you, how to setup your website or blog to get started.

If you want a good starter package for your website or blog, go signup with BlueHost for fast speed and least downtime also it has one click WordPress install feature which is most recommended for blogging and it’s easy to manage with a front end where you don’t need any technical knowledge to create a website or blog.


It will cost you $3.95 per month approximately INR 250 per month. I will suggest you to choose a yearly plan for $5.5 per month approximately INR 350 per month and if you will choose for 2 to 3 years plan, definitely cost will be lower.

My Blog

I have a blog as well where you signed up to learn digital marketing course for free. I will recommend to go ahead and read that too for extra knowledge I share every now and then that can help you learn extra tips and tricks apart from the course.

Your feedback for this free course

I know it’s quite early to ask for any feedback, still write in comments below how it excites you to learn this trending course and what values it delivers.

I would love to hear from you!

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    1. saurabh singh

      Sir, I am very new to this subject . But your first lesson was very impressive and informative.
      Early waiting for the next lesson.

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