Shashank Srivastava

Digital Marketing Consultant in Delhi, India

Shashank Srivastava is a renowned Digital Marketing Consultant & SEO Expert in India with a shining decade old past record helping small businesses; non funded to Seed Funded Companies with Digital Strategies. 

I am teaching SEO Managers, Growth Heads and Business Experts how to scale their Business ROI & SEO game in 2020, 2021 & beyond.

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Why should you Hire me as a Digital Marketing Consultant/ Expert?

Finding a digital marketing consultant or an expert In today’s world is more challenging because people claim to help businesses and grow their revenues however with the current scenario very less people actually know where to start and how to plan their marketing funnels.
Now here is the question that how you can examine I am the right fit for your business success.

Complete SEO Services

My core competency lies in Search engine optimisation is because I am working in the same period from 2009 when the Google launched their first algorithm change and maxe it hard for business to rank on Google. Ever since it's becoming harder to rank on Google on the top position and they're more rules and regulations google launches every single day. It is mentioned by Google employees that the make about 200 changes in algorithms every single day. Without understanding the dynamics a newbie marketer can do more harm than good in your website ranking.

Improving Website Results CRO

To improve your website results in terms of conversions You need to focus on transactional keywords which can drive you sales and 20 traffic rather having quantity in the visits. As an example "best wrist watches for men" can generate more sales for you if ranked on top than "wrist watch sizes for men". To understand this simple psychology tricks we need more of a data analytics approach than business mindset.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing and optimisation is more of a psychology than science In my views. A small hashtag # Can do wonders for you and a big highly invested project can get you down any moment without understanding the dynamics of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Tiktok, Snapchat and More.

Digital Marketing Consulting Services i offer

Students Taught



Sales Funnels

I specialize in creating a step-by-step sales funnel question that helps process your existing and upcoming visitors to take action and buy from you by following a journey around your content and industry insights.


Website Conversions

Without understanding the user intent and behavioural trend of a user nobody can make a sale like you asked for a burger in Mc Donalds and they upsell saying do you want a combo with fries and coke? You say Yes and they make money. It's simple for them.


Targeted Traffic

Setting a process of funneling your website visitors is a visionary process And driving targeted traffic to convert as a sale and doing repeat sales and is always hard for anyone. I specialize in Human psychology and behavioral targeting to grow your business and generating more sales and least time possible.

Best Freelance Digital Marketing Consultant Offerings For You!

You still might be confused of what I’m going to help you with in my digital marketing consulting and a SEO consulting packages.
To simplify for you of my prices I even start with a INR 15,000 budget consulting amount excluding marketing budget for your business so I am pretty pocket friendly for small to medium business.
I analyse the business in deep and start creating projections for the different marketing channels basis of your marketing budget and your valid business goals.
To summarise i helped funded and non funded businesses both in their marketing strategies who generates INR 1 lakh of profits to up to 3.5 Crore per product sale.
Let’s discuss and meet your marketing goals today.

My Promise


Scaling Your Success

Profitability depends on right steps and outstanding product. In case you know that your product is outstanding already but don't have a marketing edge, i help solve the puzzle and match with your success goals.



As you found a nearby Digital Marketing Consultant for you, that's great. Can you take an account of me for delivering best results in each buck spent online? Absolutely YES! This year in 2019 i will be finishing my decade experience in Internet Marketing industry and learnt overtime how to deliver on promises in the said time.


Giving Back

What if I charged you every month for the marketing services and I cannot deliver back on the promises? Every business owner or start up founders mostly have this question in mind. I can feel the situation but I can only say that you can count on my bad experiences and my good because I have almost no bad experiences for clients i consult. I was make sure that you are spending money so you should and back the money only rather Giving a virtual experiences of higher or incompetent rankings, likes, shares, comments etc. My strategy revolves around your money spent and money earned back. 2-3 times return on investment is the most common returns i provide and can scale up to 11 times in some cases.

My charges for Freelance Digital Marketing Consulting Services?

As mentioned above Digital Marketing has a lot of channels to be taken care of and missing anyone overtime can result to less potential reach for your goals.
I start from INR 15000 monthly to any number touching 2 lakhs monthly + marketing costs incase of complete handover of projects.
I am easily accessible on my phone or you can connect me over a video call or whatsapp chat to discuss your project.

If you are in action phase and want my support instantly, reach out to me now.

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Get Step by Step Business Plan & Execution Strategy.


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Hire me for 1-5 Days Bootcamps/ Workshops.

My Process


First i test the first MVP Minimum viable product or your services.


I analyse product market fit and balance product service offering accordingly.


Deciding marketing channels to analyse which works best for your product or service and plan a funnel around your users need and products.


Setting up clear goals & growth plan for business for next 90 days then adjusting the plan for another 90 days as per the data and dynamics.


This whole process happens if i accept your business to work on. You need to be clear that I don’t accept any project. Business growth depends on many factors where the foremost is your approach towards market and product proficiency.

Reviews & Testimonials about Me on Google

4.9/5 Rated Digital Marketing Consultant

A Digital marketing consultant Research product market fit and prepare a strategy around the products and user’s need.
You can get your products and services designed and sold by taking help from a digital marketing consultant like me.

To hire a Digital marketing consultant you need to find out more about what businesses they helped, how they implemented strategy and what is the outcome by checking their online presence and if possible asking their clients directly. For you it’s easy by connecting to me and asking about your product or service plans.

If you want to become a digital marketing expert or a consultant in India number one thing you need is experience handling complex marketing projects and business growth strategies which takes time to learn and understand with the help of regular challenges you will face during the implementation of your plan and unlearn to learn for best results.

It’s simple, email me about your project at [email protected] or directly use Call or Whatsapp button to discuss about your project.

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