12 Content Writing Jobs Sites for Freelance Money Making in 2020 (Unique List)

content writing jobs sites

Finding content writing jobs sites in India is not so hard as it’s just a Google away however getting started with them and finding projects which can suit your niche is the real problem around.
This complete article covers about 12 sites which can help you get started easily with your freelance content writing career and can help you move the things.
Alright so let’s learn how to move the things and find your first freelance content writing job at your own pace with these sites.

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12 Content Writing Job Sites to start with

Below is the list to get started with.

1. Fiverr

Also, a starter of $5 GIG (service) economy Fiverr is one of the top market places online for freelancer services.
Founded back in 2010 Fiverr is based at Tel Aviv, Israel and currently serving customers worldwide.
You can easily find freelancers on Fiverr for as low as five dollars and can outsource your work or can also start as a freelancer yourself even it’s good for beginners.

You can even outsource your projects to other freelancers and can make money but simply doing white-labbeling.

2. Freelancer

Started by Matt Barrie, Freelancer is a crowdsourcing marketplace website from Australia that offers services in multiple sectors with freelancers starting very low to medium-sized prices to others.
Here any business or freelancer can post a project and get bids on their projects and Freelancer platform helps short-term or long-term jobs and connect their project posters to the global network of freelancers.

3. Guru

It is headquartered at Pittsburgh Pennsylvania United States and it allows companies to select the best freelancers from their pool.
It started back in 1998 and becoming a top site in the list touching 3 Million professionals worldwide onboarded to their platform.

4. People Per Hour

Another website on the list is PeoplePerHour which helps to give a platform to small and medium-sized businesses access to finance online workers.
Based out of the London United Kingdom the company was founded in 2007.
If you got the skill this website is good for freelancing opportunities.

5. Upwork

The fusion of two powerful marketplaces called Elance and Odesk; Upwork became big in 2015.
Upwork is considered one of the most premium online marketplaces that have got over 5000+ skills across more than 70 categories.
The post millions of jobs over the years, however, journey as a freelancer is not easy there because they have strict procedures to on-board companies and freelancers and they give limited time to show your skills and grab a project.

6. Constant-Content

They always seem so confident in delivering quality content work which as per their LinkedIn profile claims a hundred percent unique content which is also handwritten and edited by one lakh expert writers which creates unique handwritten articles.
Great place to start your freelancing content career for sure.

7. Craigslist

Although it’s an American Classified advertisement website With many random sections like housing items for sale services and jobs however there is a great user base who are also looking for writing services and can hire you for a great price because there are no mediators and you can directly connect to job creators.
Finding an opportunity for content writing could be a tedious task but worth investing time at craigslist because they have very well organized structured categories in which you can find your suitable job in multiple cities and states of the country.

8. Contena

Although Contena is a Paid membership website however it is worth the price they charge.
They have many features like giving you a personalized content coach to help you find your most minute flaws & Provides your mastery classes to brush up on your writing skills.
The only Disadvantage I feel is the charge around $497 for their one-year gold membership which you can pay and $99 installments for six months and $997 for platinum membership which you can pay for two years also in six installments of $199 each.
However, at least they don’t charge you the cut over each job that you get on their platform so you actually save the money over time and become great because they have fixed price yearly membership.

9. Blasting News

Started back in August 2013 this freelance writing job site is available in multiple languages and works on collaborative journalism which helps this platform grow multifold.
It’s a digital news publishing platform allows people to apply for writers and asked them to write about different news topics.
Being a news publisher it might be difficult for you to get your articles published easily however you can definitely crack a job if you really write well.

10. FreeeUp

They also offer remote freelancing jobs and writing gigs however it’s a marketplace connecting virtual assistants, freelancers, and many agencies in Amazon, e-commerce and marketing categories.
Their biggest base is of e-commerce business and marketing however they also work with other businesses outside these categories also.

11. Outsourcely

Based out of Foresthill California; Outsourcely Also provide remote jobs workers across the globe they have 400,000+ workers and around 50,000+ startup as they claim on the website.
They allow you to join for free or you can also pay $10 per month for a featured position.
Finding reliable writing jobs is not so hard there as well so buckle up and start working.

12. Problogger Jobs Board

A contributor Andy Nathan on Problogger Mentioned in a blog post that he made over $15,000 using the Problogger jobs board.
It’s a great place to find many editing, writing and proofreading jobs which can make you a decent amount of money every month.
Their job board is frequently updated that’s the best thing which you can expect from a website like Problogger.

Wrap Up

Now you already know the top 12 content writing jobs sites where you can easily find a freelance writing job and can easily start making money so what are you waiting for?
Many are easy to start with And have great jobs lined up for you to start with.
I love suggestion would be not to start with all of them at once rather focus on one platform at a time and start giving your 1 to 2 months to understand the dynamics of each system and then start applying for the jobs.
That will also help you get a job faster and you can easily understand how to use the system for your good.
Enjoy content freelancing!

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