Digital Marketing Blogs for 2020 – 12+1 Blogs that should bookmark now

Digital Marketing Blogs

When it comes to top 10, 15, 20 popular digital marketing blogs, people in India or across the world will give the advice to follow their favourite blogs however not every blog is so amazing in terms of knowledge and right information.
You should also understand that following dozens of blogs for beginners is not an easy task and no one can grasp the best knowledge they’re expecting from these Internet marketing blogs examples I mentioned below.
In this article, you are going to learn from the top 12+1 digital marketing blogs that I personally follow and grasp information regularly in 2019, 2020 & beyond which I bookmarked without a second doubt.

Following them can make you a digital marketing expert soon.

1. Google Webmaster Central

google webmaster central blog

No matter where you go being a blogger or an Internet property owner, You always get affected with Google algorithm and products.
To stay updated you cannot find anything better than following up with Google Webmaster central blog and also following the @searchliaison twitter handle where John Mueller shares updated information about Google algorithmic changes.
You can get updated information about core updates, new search console, search news.
you can also check about indexing issues and any other further updates on to Google systems related to Webmasters.

2. Moz Digital Marketing Blog

moz blog

Moz as a SAAS company Started by Rand Fishkin and Gillian Muessig back in 2004.
Moz proved in the last few years as the most valuable digital marketing blog by providing great information about SEO and Digital Marketing.
Whiteboard Fridays is a very famous series started by Rand Fishkin and are up to industry standards for the knowledge anyone requires.

3. Hubspot

hubspot blog

Hubspot is founded by Dharmesh Shah and Brian Halligan back in 2005 as a software firm.
It is widely believed that the term inbound marketing is being used by them quite effectively in early 2015 and they became a leading firm in terms of CRM products ever since.
Hubspot team Writes about amazing inbound strategies to attract visitors and convert them into paying customers by the most simple methods applied using the content as the source.
You can follow them for the state of the art inbound marketing techniques that can grow your business exponentially.

4. Search engine land

search engine land

Digital marketing is a big ocean with a lot of modules in it and to understand them you need the right guide.
To learn about search engine optimisation and upcoming updates of Google this is one of the best blogs you can ever find.
Not just the updates you will also find some great discussions about the changes that webmasters see around the world on their websites or blogs and you can learn some super effective strategies by just following to those discussions.

5. Search engine journal

search engine journal

This is another trustworthy resource if you want to learn about search engines and their marketing methods.
This blog keeps you up-to-date with current search engine methodologies and helps you get the most out of these.
For the latest algorithm updates In search engines, this blog really comes handy and provide up to the mark information with the back up of industry experts opinions.

6. Content marketing institute

content marketing institute

If you are in the digital marketing industry you can’t deny content is the king.
Content Marketing Institute is one of the most reputable resources for learning about trends content strategy storytelling and best practices related to blogging.
They also get you updated with the latest events in the digital marketing world so that you can step up your game at all times.

7. Quicksprout

quicksprout blog

If you are focusing on increasing the quality traffic to your website or blog this is the right resource you can jump on to.
Neil Patel is the front face of Quicksprout And offers state of the art content related to search engine optimisation and conversion rate optimisation Using its in-house heatmap tool.
You can really be a pro in marketing if you follow this blog religiously.

8. Marketing Land

marketing land

Quite in helpful resource, it could be for your marketing thirst.
This block covers all the updates related to content management systems, social updates and educational content related to the advice and information from top industry leaders, practitioners.
Their posts are informative and well-knitted to provide step-by-step information on any given topic.

9. Kissmetrics

kissmetrics blog

Data people make great decisions in marketing and business growth.
Collecting and analysing data is the most difficult part of marketing however Kissmetrics Blog provides state of the art day to drive in information which is based on Analytics and right testing before delivering any projections.
If you want to understand data in the most workable way this blog comes at the top.

10. Ahrefs

ahrefs blog

It is the most trusted SEO tool in the world after SEMrush (based on bloggers belief).
Ahrefs provide every nitty-gritty of data that you require to rank your websites higher in search engines.
This is the most amazing competitor analysis tool you may ever find.
They allow experts across the world to share their knowledge and insights with the audience in the form of blog posts and other content farms.
You can find some awesome articles that you may never find anywhere else across the web for SEO and data-driven marketing tips.

11. Social Media Examiner

social media examiner

The state of the world social media blog where you can find some hidden gems related to social media and internal secrets of implementing social media codes to your website for making it super social friendly.
They also offer social media marketing talk show named podcast which offers some great insights from experts around the World talking about social media and its superb usage.

12. Neil Patel

neil patel blog

Neil Patel is an industry expert sharing great information about SEO and marketing with his personal blog.
He mostly writes about search engine optimisation and his guides or too lengthy to cover every aspect of the topic he shares.
He writes absolute knowledge-based articles in his blog.
I’m sure you already heard of this blog or you might have seen some YouTube videos sharing some amazing tips on search engines.

Bonus – IAmShashank Blog

iamshashank blog

I personally don’t want to add my blog in the list so I added this in a separate corner Of the article to give some insights about what I write and how it could be useful to you.
If you are an entry-level marketer are you just heard of digital marketing recently this blog will come handy to know some ins and outs about digital marketing.
I write about the current scenario of digital marketing in my blog and recently started being active so you can expert more related articles in coming days which makes this blog more relevant to bookmark right now and start getting regular updates about your favourite marketing subject.

Digital Marketing Blogs FAQ

1. What is Blog in digital marketing?
Blog means are unique URL on your website which holds all the articles and related content which gets updated frequently for the freshness in search results.
Google Webmaster Central blog is the one place where you can find all the updates regarding Google website and search algorithm changes to get relevant and updated information.
2. Can blogs be used for marketing?
Business blogging is an ultimate source of marketing using blogs as a medium which drives targeted traffic for the related queries your customers want to search and get information about the topic you are providing products or services in.
3. Why is digital marketing important?
Using digital marketing you can reach a wider audience with a targeted approach in the least possible spent.
Digital marketing is very important for almost every industry as the audience is spending more time on digital channels rather than checking out traditional marketing mediums like banners and billboards etc.
4. Is SEO free?
Search engine optimisation aka SEO is a process which can drive targeted traffic for free from search engines however companies who optimise websites to rank better on search engines charge clients for their efforts.
If you can do that yourself you save your money else you have to pay monthly retainer fees for the SEO management task to a third party.
5. What are the disadvantages of blogging?
You may hardly find any disadvantage of blogging however it’s hard to write regular content on your blog or website and it is also time-consuming so people may find it hard to manage.
People may also leave inappropriate comments or disrespect towards your opinions and beliefs.
6. Do bloggers get paid?
Bloggers get paid for blogging in multiple ways.
They can charge for their writing as well as they can make money by doing affiliate marketing or showing ads on their blogs to influence the money-making process.
7. What is the advantage of the blog?
Blogs can help me find related information about a product or service consumer is interested into.
There are many other advantages of the blog like you can target more related products and services in the same niche and can also attract related buyers for your product by solving their problems.
8. Why do most blogs fail?
Most blogs fail because they don’t find a related topic or they do not provide up to the mark information to the audience they are catering to.
This is always recommended to research well before starting any blog about the market conditions and how are your audiences responding towards specific topics they are interested into.
9. Do bloggers really make money?
Yes, bloggers really make an ample amount of money from their blogging efforts by doing affiliate marketing, showing relevant ads and other business models they apply towards their content blogs.

Final Words

Well as you know all the blogs to be followed but do you think you can follow all of them at a time? Of course, the answer is no as you’ll download too much of knowledge that you may not understand clearly. It’s always to follow 1 blog at a time and start checking the updates.

As you start understanding the industry insights, then you can add more blogs and resources in your list.

Pro-tip: You can follow these blogs and generate blog topic ideas for yourself every day to write and thrive.

Do you have more blogs which you think should be added to this list, tell us in the comments section and I’ll update the list for everyone’s benefit regularly.


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