Digital Marketing Trends 2018 & Beyond( 4 Top Dominating Things )

digital marketing trends 2018

I analyzed few trends that surely will dominate in 2018 and beyond for complete Digital marketing Trends 2018 landscape across internet.

Who doesn’t want free traffic? And when it comes to targeted free search traffic, Google search is topping the list.

Digital Marketing is ever evolving process and with the help of Digitization in Rural areas too, a big chunk of audience now we have from rural areas, precisely 500Mn in India only who use their hand-held devices for Entertainment mostly.

Digital Marketing Trends 2018 List

Being a Digital marketer you should understand the penetration medium for these kind of audience sets and preparing a initial strategy will only work in coming.

Let’s prepare here for few upcoming Digital marketing trends 2018 you should have to be prepared for sure.

1. Voice Search Optimization

Voice search is becoming more of a human nerve by introducing Voice command devices like Alexa and assistants like Cortana, Siri, Google Assistant etc and it’s everyday use.

People are more inclined towards searching anything using voice command that being on phone we use long queries now because we don’t have to type now.

So google is getting more long tail queries now with allot of new keywords in it’s index and that’s surely is an opportunity for you as an SEO if you take care of these too.

Most probably 50% searches will be Voice by 2020 and currently google stated its approximately 20% now. Here are some previous stats.

Digital marketing trends 2018 for voice search

With the rise in Voice based searches, Local search data gone crazy and helping local businesses generate more impressions every day.

2. Unlinked Brand Mentions

There are a lot of brand mentions got wasted and google or other search engines never use them as ranking factor as they were not linked to any specific URL.

Reportedly, Bing accepted that they are using unlinked brand mentions as a ranking factors in their algorithm now and as per the patents filed recently, google may start using it too in 2018 and that’s why this also included in my list of Digital Marketing Trends 2018.

This will certainly shuffle whole search rankings in a broad way as there are allot of low searched brand are getting brand mentions on social media everyday but gone to waste as they are not linked to any specific URL.

Hope you know what to do to follow this Digital growth formula.

3. Relevancy

With the launch of RankBrain algorithm in 2015, Google is becoming more human every day and their AIs can write better AI structures that a human themselves now.

Time has gone when just blasting lots of link with same anchor text worked to rank a keyword almost instantly.

Now their algorithms can read every piece of content and can decide what to present in front of user.

Relevancy will be a top most digital trend 2018 and looks like SEO specialists started misusing that too as if you can relate a Golf ball niche to somehow a pressure cooker niche in a way that can relate to it, congratulations you won in misguiding Google with a smarter approach.

After all machine is still a machine which can never replace a human mindset & humor artificially till now. Isn’t it?

4. Pagespeed & User Data Security

As Google this year already decided to present non HTTPS sites as Not Secure so this will be tougher this year by accepting to give more value in SERP’s and page speed is affecting sites ranking too so that can be predicted well that google will start pushing fast loading pages to top that will evolve more optimization tools that will help reduce data load as much as possible.

We as  a Digital marketer already started using these metrics to reduce all the data we can to help pages load faster using caching of files and resources including minify the codes for JS and CSS files along with other file formats.

That surely helps because being a human our patience is limited and an average user holds not more than 3-5 seconds on a website if it doesn’t get loaded to full version.

We bounce back and that increases Bounce rate thus your ranking will go in vain. If you are not focusing on this metric yet, start using it as google started to demote the sites avoid this already.

Wrap Up

Well i picked these 4 Digital marketing trends mainly but there are numerous others who are changing Digital landscape completely.

These 4 i picked as complete summarized forms of evolution we can see in 2018 and beyond so be sure that you should follow all of them without a delay to improve your rankings else you may end up downfalling in Search results soon.

If you have more suggestions to active trends, write in comments section to let know the world about them.

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