Google Analytics Tutorial for Website Traffic Analysis – Video Included

When you already made a website or blog and want to know who visited your website and what actions they took, you always need Google Analytics tools setup for Website traffic analysis and i’ve added a Google Analytics Tutorial to understand that easily here.

You will also learn here how to setup google analytics on WordPress.

To get started, you need to go to for first setup, click on Add new property and start filling basic information about your website link, description etc.

You’ll be provided a code to install on your website to track website data.

Google Analytics Tutorial Video

Don’t have time to read whole post? Check video instead.

In case video is blurry, do check the gear icon at bottom of video and click on 720P resolution to view in high quality.

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For WordPress Users

If you are a WordPress User, you just need to install a Yoast SEO Plugin and with simple 1-10 steps process, you can setup your Website with Google analytics tool for Website Traffic analysis.


You can click on the button to setup Google Analytics Tracking Code for thorough website traffic analysis.

Custom Coded Website Users for Website Traffic Analysis

You need to create your own new Analytics account using your gmail account and once you receive a code, you need to install that code inside head section of your website coding.

Once verified, you’ll start to see some data in next couple of days based on the website visits.


For WordPress users it’s quite easy to setup Google Analytics Tools for Website traffic analysis and take solid data backed decisions to grow your business using this Google analytics tutorial video.

Always make sure to use Google Analytics tools right after setting up your website.

Trust me Google Analytics Tool is the best available free tool in market better than many paid tools and you should use that.


Any questions you have while setting up your Analytics tool? Drop Comment Below and i would love to help anytime.

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