How to earn money from YouTube in India? Best 8 Steps Guide You need!

how to earn money from youtube in india

If you have a question on how to earn money from YouTube in India and worldwide sitting at your couch in your cozy room creating videos on your favorite topics; you have come to the right place.
Once a wise man asked me what do you like to have first; fame or money? and I must have replied money because I can buy fame by spending that money for sure that’s guaranteed in my opinion.
What would you like to have?
Well, what if I say you can have both by using YouTube as a money-making machine?
It’s dive deeper and sees what I have got for you in this article mentioning powerful ways on how to earn money from YouTube in India especially.

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8 Steps on How to Earn Money from Youtube in India

Let’s start with the top eight steps on how to earn money from YouTube in India especially when you have almost nothing to start with.
Do remember it’s not getting rich quick scheme from YouTube and you need to put in efforts and time to start seeing traction and money flowing in so let’s get started.

1. Starting Youtube Channel

A wise man said to travel a mile distance you need to start with the first step.
Exactly my point you need to start your YouTube channel first and for this, you don’t have to invest any money however you can start with a simple Gmail ID and that’s all you need.
Head onto and make sure you are signed in with the same Gmail ID you want to use for your YouTube channel.
From the top right corner click on the icon and choose to create a channel option or from the left menu choose my channel if you already created one.

2. Niche Selection

This is the most tricky part of making your YouTube channel big-time hit because we never understand what we are passionate about until we start doing it.
I will always recommend you to start with something you really like and passionate about.
This could be anything that maybe your obsession with a government job or want to start a business or you can also look for your workout interest maybe cooking skills or as simple as you’re dancing.
This could be anything that you are very much interested in and can take it forward without getting bored for a longer period.

3. Research Topics from others Work

Next up you need to do is to research the topic for which you need to make videos.
The process which I personally follow is by directly searching on YouTube about my favorite topic and later on finding out channels that have 50,000 to 100,000 subscribers.
They are my next plans and there also in my same niche so I simply go to their video section by following their channel link And from the “sorting” options I choose “most popular”.
This gives me the most popular videos of the channel with a higher number of views.
I write down those topics in a sheet and start making videos on the same topics with changing titles descriptions and content a bit by following more channels on the same topic with a simple YouTube search.

4. Planning Content

Now it’s time to plan the content. When you already found popular topics and want to start with those you simply check more channels with the same topic available on YouTube and start checking out their content and the average length of the video.
I personally try to make my videos between 2 to 10 minutes long and I try to engage the audience every second by asking them questions and saving time by speaking a bit fast which can be understandable.
I prepare headings in a sheet of paper for which I want to create a video sequence and those headings help me be in the formation during the video.

5. Best tools to be used

Once the videos produced the next thing is how to process your video for the final output so here are the tools mentioned below.

Google Keyword Planner

Being free is an amazing tool to use for your research purposes and finding out more topics or more relevant searches accordingly, however, Google keyword planner offers you the topic details related to search engine searches on YouTube is the different game altogether.

Google Trends

Head onto and select YouTube during searches from the dropdown with a specific country.
This helps you figure out the actual trend of your topic in a specific location and if you really have to start making your video and can expect some views on it.

This is also a free tool offers great insights on searches related to YouTube as this has a dedicated option for YouTube keyword research.

Text to Speech function

This is a useful function which is available for free online by Google searching where you can get a voice-based file for the text you write and feed the machine.
This is a great feature in case you feel your voice is not confident and you need faster output for the VoiceOver.
The only drawback is the voice will feel like a robot voice and can have a different impact on a user talking to a machine rather than a real human being like you.

Powerpoint for slideshow videos

If your channel is all about tutorials and some scenes or images that you can use during the video you can also use PowerPoint presentations with your VoiceOver to be in the game.
The best part about PowerPoint is these presentations can also be animated and managed as per your voice over so fast and win-win.

Tubebuddy Or VidIq Extensions

These tools can save you a lot of hard work which you must be done manually like checking out views of each video you are searching for, their engagement rate, the number of tags used, popular keywords and many more options.
These extensions can be used in a chrome browser and can give great insights to your research work.
I will say must have any one of these as per your choice.

Canva for Thumbnails

Canva is a great freemium tool for graphic designing and slight animations.
This can also be used as a thumbnail creator tool which is completely online and can generate your thumbnails with predesigned templates and amazing graphic patterns.
Your average thumbnail size is HD i.e, 1280 pixels by 768 pixels for Youtube and channel art size (channel cover) is 2048 pixels by 1152 pixels.

Filmora for Video Editing

Filmora is a great tool To start editing your videos today with premade animations and simple to use interface for cutting and editing your videos.
For simple videos, you will love the tool however To start with professional editing you will find this tool-less effective.
For a professional editing setup, You can use adobe premiere pro for windows and Final Cut Pro FCP for Mac PCs.

Audacity for Audio Editing

It’s hard to really record great audio if you have background noise at your end and sometimes even clean like backgrounds have fan humming sound or common sounds from the background.
To eliminate such sounds I will always recommend to use a good quality unidirectional lapel Mic or Stand Mic to reduce the extra noise at first hand.
You may still feel that your voice may not get clear after production so you can simply use free software audacity for audio editing and removing background noises that are left after the production.
Check the video below to see how to use audacity for moving background noises.

6. Publishing Videos with Cards & Screens

This is a great feature given by YouTube itself while publishing your videos where you can add cards and screens to promote other relevant video links and your other YouTube channels as well in the same video.
Don’t forget to make use of these options during your video publishing.

7. Video Promotion Channels

Awesome! Now you already published a video with the above steps I shared now it’s time to promote your video and channel with others because your 20% efforts should be to produce the video and 80% efforts must be used in promoting it.
Below are the few steps to get started with-

Share with subscribers

This is an automatically done process wherein whenever you publish your video and if it is set to public mode then your video will automatically be shared with your subscribers.
That’s a great way to build some traction in the initial hours and you can also set your video as premier to tell users that something amazing is coming very soon.

Share on Social Media Channels

The second best thing you can do is you can start sharing on social media channels that I will always recommend to create for your existing channel on YouTube and that also helps you to get some good news in the initial phase.
Based on your video quality and topic you can easily expect low to great reach as per the viral nature.

Share in Communities

Apart from sharing on your social channels which might have very little engagement you can also use communities like Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social media groups to share your videos and get good traction.
The best part about these groups is they already have a lot of participants which can easily engage with you if the video is relevant to them however not all communities allow to post random videos easily.

Run Advertisements

When you don’t get sustainable reach from social media channels or by sharing in the community you can also run paid advertisements and get more views.
There are many channels to run better engagement like Facebook video view ads, Youtube Ads, Instagram Ads or Tiktok Ads as well. This can be a faster way to get views and subscribers initially, however, it can be costly to you when you are not generating any money from Youtube yet.

8. Monetization of your awesome videos

Now as you already promoted and also tried everything to get more views and subscribers is the time to Monetize your channel and make money.
With the current policies, YouTube requires a minimum of 4000 watch hours and 1000 subscribers to apply for the monetization of the channel using Google AdSense.
You make money basis on the number of views your video gets and this is where is the basis on the CPC charged to the advertisers in different countries over different keywords they want more views into.
There are more ways you can use to monetize your channel which we are discussing below.

Google Adsense

Living in India you can expect around Rs.10 to Rs.50 pay Per 1000 views according to Adsense income in general niches or viral niches.
However, in tier 1 countries, you can expect around $1 to $10 for 1000 views in different niches.
In general niches, it’s really hard to sustain with your YouTube gameplay you can also choose other modes of monetization which YouTube I love you to implement.

Affiliate Ads

YouTube allows you to use their description box to mention any affiliate link for making an extra commission from the videos even before applying for AdSense Monetisation.
There are many affiliate networks available online from which you can choose offers that you can promote on your videos.

Brand Collaborations

Most technology channel creators on YouTube focus on brand collaborations like technical Guruji, Carryminati, BB ki Vines, TVF, etc.
In this, you can easily get Brand offers to promote their product and services if your channel relates their ideal customer persona.

Selling Courses

You can also sell different courses which can also help you make extra money while doing YouTube videos.
The best way is to create your own courses related to the topics you are covering and selling them using your audience.
In case you don’t wanna create your own course you can also look for other people courses and can also promote in against some commission.

Selling own products

If you have your own products are you can buy from vendors and can resell, it can also work like charm.
You can even sell your own personalized merchandise like T-shirts, caps and much more customized as per your channel content or theme.
There are many sites offers this kind of dropshipping services online like Teespring.

Selling eCommerce products

If you don’t know the biggest e-commerce site Amazon also offers an affiliate program where you can pick products and promote using your own channel and can make money as commission over every sale.
To apply for this you can look for the Amazon associates program and signup today.
Flipkart also offers the same thing and you can even also send your own e-commerce products if you have any vendors who can support this.

Generating Leads & Charge using CPL Method

I’m personally using this method where I am publishing videos related to digital marketing on YouTube and posting a link of my landing page in description to generate extra Leeds and that also helps me in great conversion.

Wrap Up

I am sure after reading all this information available above, you must have made your mind starting your first Youtube channel but it needs your first step.
The action was taken means winning as per me and I recommend to start soon.
Also, tell me in the comment section if you need more help for the same.
Happy Youtubing!

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