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Hello, I am Shashank Srivastava!

I am an SEO Expert, Consulting Startups & Funded Companies for their Digital Growth by building an organic ecosystem around the internet to help right customers find them and buy from them with their own desire by influencing their decisions using Powerful Organic Brand marketing.
I am a Professional Micro Niche Blogger & Digital Strategist working since a decade now helping people who wanna take action and make their lives Financially Free.
My Blogs make as low as $10 to $2000 in a month and i have many of them generating a consistent income source sitting at home without worrying about a 9-5 Job. I started teaching people the same and now they also started generating money every month using multiple Business Models like Adsense ads, Rank & Rent, Lead Generation, Website Flipping and many more.
One day income of one of my Advanced SEO Course Online student from his first blog screenshot is below as a real proof!

Newly Built Blog by Student

Some Real Reviews of Students of SEO Course who are just killing it already!

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4.9 / 5 - Rated by 78 Students

What is
SEO Course Online
(Coaching Program)

Starting from early 2018 i started my Advanced SEO Course Online in Small Batches of Maximum 15-20 people but i was teaching the every month updated content repeatedly to new batches to see if my strategies are working fine even with most important Google Algorithmic Updates (Brackets, Medic, Florida Updates, and even BERT). 

I and my students seen no wrong impact on their blogs and they were consistently rising in traffic and revenue when everyone was crying from negative impacts of these algorithmic updates. That proved my full SEO concepts and strategies were long lasting and working very well.

I never Planned to make this course costly as i always wanted everyone to enjoy the benefits of SEO and being the most unorganized stream of traffic due to regular Google Updates its so easy for anyone to fool on the name of teaching outdated stuff in short without being caught.

I started charging a fees of INR 5999.00 only for live classes and when i refined the complete course in those live classes, to help more people i am launching this as a recorded sessions/ live classes to watch at your pace anytime.

This is an extensive 33+ Videos series course with Duration 1 hour each to explain every hidden doubts in your mind.

This SEO Course alone can take up to 45 Days to finish.

If you feel you know SEO course syllabus, even after that i recommend you to join this as people do many things incorrectly and they  never get confident if they can really rank a keyword surely or not!

Always remember High Quality traffic equals to Money not High Traffic

If you are an Internet Freelancer, Small Business owner, Coach, SEO Manager, Consultant, Agency Business or a Complete Freshers with interest in SEO; i am inviting you to join my one of the most exclusive Advanced SEO Course Online (My dedicated SEO Coaching program) where i teach students to test the latest SEO Practices to generate millions of traffic and thousands of conversions alone with the help of Search Engine Optimization every month.

I only taught 86+ students in my 1st year to control the quality and tested my system for ranking keywords with them and asked their feedback every week if my system really works and they were so amazed to see the results. Ranking on featured snippets now a piece of cake for them and everyone received their rankings with grace. 

They are regularly making their own blogs and consistently earning money without worrying for Jobs.

SEO Course Syllabus

1. SEO & Teacher Introduction

2. Part 1 - Niche Ideas and Niche Selection process (Data backed Method)

3. Part 2 - Niche Ideas and Niche Selection process (Data backed Method)

4. Keyword Psychology & SEO Basics


6. Keyword Research Part 1

7. How to find Hidden Keyword with Paid SEO Tools

8. How to Analyze Keyword Competition

9. How to prepare a Blog Blueprint with Keywords

10. How to Plan Content for SERP Rankings

11. How to do On-Page SEO

12. How to make a Micro Niche Website for Quick Money

13. How to do Local SEO Optimization

14. Important Aspects of SEO Game (Hidden Facts)

15. How to decrease load time of website using Cache Plugins

16. How to make SILO Structured websites/ Blogs

17. SEO Ranking Factors

18. How to implement Schema on your website or Blog

19. What is Parasite SEO and how to use it for our good

20. List of Google Updates & how to avoid penalty

21. Understanding Google analytics & Webmaster Tool

22. Understanding Backlinks, Interlinks and Various types of SEO metrics

23. Link Velocity, Types of Backlinks & How to make them

24. Finding Backlinking opportunities using Footprints & on High Authority Domains

25. What is Tier Linking & How to safeguard your money sites

26. How to prepare an SEO Plan (Audit Sheet Included)

27. How to find high paying SEO Clients

28. Voice Search and it's future advancements

29. How to do SEO for E-commerce Websites

Exclusive Class
How to Find expired Domains for fast SEO benefits

Extra Benefits with This Full SEO Course Online

Dedicated Facebook Group Access

Personal Whatsapp Group Access

Video Fb Live Q/A Every Sunday

1-1 Personal Support

30 Hours Exclusive Video Content

Free Backlink & Audit Resources

1 Hour Duration Videos (Each)

Email & Chat Support

Personal/ Client Project Support

Lifetime Access

No Cost Content Updates

Live Zoom Based Recorded Classes

Frequetly Asked Questions ( FAQs)

Is it a ClassRoom Program?

No, This SEO Course is available online and classroom program isn’t launched yet.

What is Class Timings?

This is a self Paced recorded Video Sessions based course. You can watch anytime anywhere.

I am a Total Fresher, Is it good for me?

Absolutely Yes! This course is designed in such a way that from freshers to experienced champs of SEO will even get benefited from that.

Do you also take Live Classes?

Currently Live Classes are on Hold and if you join now for recorded sessions, your classes will be upgraded to Live as well without extra cost.

I Know SEO already, Is it Good for me?

Yes! SEO is unstructured thus many people do silly mistakes and never get confident on their ranking skills. Here the course helps you be a pro.

Do you also take Live Classes?

Currently Live Classes are on Hold and if you join now for recorded sessions, your classes will be upgraded to Live as well without extra cost.

Can I Download the recordings?

Course is available in a closed Facebook group and available to watch anytime as group is of lifetime access. Downloading is restricted to safeguard from piracy.

What About the New Updates?

Every future class i do for updated SEO course Online – will be available free of cost to you. Content is being updated frequently with New Webinars & Q/A’s on weekly basis.

What if i've any Doubt During SEO Course Online Classes?

You get access to dedicated Facebook group & Whatsapp group where we discuss every doubts. Group posts are on auto approval to avoid any waiting period. All questions answered!

Is there a refund Policy?

Yes you can get a refund in 7 days in case you don’t like the content. Trust me i have 0 refund cases yet. Content is powerful in videos to scale your Organic Traffic & Conversions.

I Paid already, How can i get access?

Usually after paying, you’ll get access to course within 24 hours of successful payment as its a manual invite basis course. In case you haven’t received the email yet, write to me at shashankessar1(@)gmail(dot)com with your payment receipt.

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⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4.9 / 5 - Rated by 86+ Students