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Social Media Marketing Strategy : Top 10 advice for businesses

Social Media Marketing Strategy Planning on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. are lifeline for many businesses these days and greatest tool to drive traffic & sales easily.

Well some people may ask what is social media marketing and how to utilize this for business growth. When you create a persona of your business among social media channel users to set a brand image that reflects your business goals and vision and your consumers can align to that with a smile, this is Social media marketing.

Preparing a Social Media Marketing Plan can help you grow, scale, sell and can help you get the best out of your Social Channels altogether if handled correctly.

When I started to use the same tactics, I got straight 200% increase in likes and follows and 3600% more engagements on my posts.

social media marketing strategy
Social Media Marketing Strategy


Starting a Social Media Marketing Business can also help you earn hefty in no time. You can run Ads on Social Channels for Clients and can charge them 20-30% of their budget value and can also charge based on monthly pricing like $1000-$1500.

if you don’t know how to do it, many Youtube videos can help in understanding how to’s of ad campaigns management.

These numbers are just random projections and may change depending on many factors like market value, client type etc.
A report by AdWeek says, 91% of retail brands use 2 or more social media channels.
Are you really leaving a great piece of pie on your plate since you started? You are leaving 87% of traffic that can convert to leads and future customers.

What is Social Media Marketing Strategy?

For a Digital Marketing Expert, Social Media Marketing definition is a set of practices done on Social networks to promote a product or service using Organic or Paid marketing options to grow user base and Brand Recall. It is tested as user usually see any Brand updates on social media for at least 6-7 times before making a actual purchase.

For Social Media Marketing benefits and learn how to do Social Media Marketing you need to listen and apply these strategies mentioned below.

Checkout these evergreen Social Media Marketing Tips to stand apart from your competitors.


1. Be Consistent and Active

People tend to forget, if they don’t hear from you in a short span of time on social media channels.

For business who really wants to take advantage of their social media marketing strategy, I personally recommend to at least post 3 times a day with open ended question in majority.

The reason could be your users might not be active on a specific time or may not be engaging.


2. Curate and Produce Quality Content

You know how many times you need to post, now what to post could be a good question in mind especially for startups and entrepreneurs due to less ideas and less market research.

Create or curate content has difference, you sometimes create similar content and type and post on fan pages, however your audience wants to consume content in different forms and here you have to curate content what your audience likes from other sources on internet as well keeping in mind for copyright laws.

Create a social media strategy around the same and try to curate the best what your target audience likes. Your audience will love to hear from you.


3. Tag or Hash tag trending influencers, experts or topics in your niche

This is what can make a difference in your following and reach. Tag people who are related to your industry however not actively promoting similar products.

You can also add hash tags which are trending related to your content and industry to join bigger conversations and can create more buzz around your business on social channels.

Always make sure to add hash tag relevant to your content type and audience, else your social media strategy can yield different results, and that you may not able to digest easily.


4. Scale, reach, engage & convert using Content Distribution

Alright, your Business fan page has less likes and followers of different social media channels. Posting 3-4 times a day on your page with relevant content seems not working for you. Here is the solution to make a difference with a small add on in your social media strategy.

If you are good with paid marketing, try setting up your target audience and boost post for paid promotions as your budget allows.

For Organic reach and conversions, here is a cheat sheet. Join some relevant groups and start interacting with people and try to offer solutions to their problems.

You can also share your posts among huge audience available in those groups by customizing your posts that can engage well and offer solutions to their pain.

PS: Don’t be pushy with sales posts and also don’t spam links to get quick viewers. You may get banned.


5. Schedule your posts & save time for other productive works

People used to spend whole day and thinks to engage on social media by logging in to different social media accounts and sharing same updates one by one. I know it’s boring and time killing.

I use automated tools like HootSuite or Buffer to schedule my posts and within one click; you can share a post to almost all social media accounts.

Just add your social accounts and schedule posts like a pro.

A great tip for you to not totally depend on social media automated tool for posts and engagement. Try engaging with people more by posting some relevant questions or share something valuable and set up your image as a more human talking to them not like a bot.

Use social sharing tools to keep reminding people even if you don’t really have time to catch up with them.


6. Schedule posts when users are most active

Marketers complain most of the time that their posts are not engaging much with audience or their reach is very low as compared to the stats they have.

Try a small tip I use every day to schedule my post get maximum out of it.

Open your Fan Page on Facebook, if posting on Facebook specially and go to Insights Tab on Top. From side menu choose posts.

Here you can see the time in complete day, when your users were most active and engaging on posts. Try making a social media strategy around with this.

social media strategy for post scheduling


7. Engage with Event, Contests, Quizzes

What you do when reach a picnic spot? I know after settling down, you start to play games, quizzes, contests etc. to engage people around you.

Same you have to do with your social media accounts. Create an Event or Contests for your audience to engage them and offer giveaways for winning.

You can gather a great like-minded audience that could participate and make it successful.

Host some Events under your Brand Name and meet physically with your loyal audience and followers. Enjoy together with some contests and games and try to record audio, video and pictures of your event.

Use them wisely later on to your Fan Page with some viral caption you feel people can enjoy and relate to.

Those who attended will also share their moments with their following and colleagues and your network will grow more and stronger than ever.


8. Networking is best Social media marketing for consistent growth

It’s all about networking either online or physically. People connect with you get some benefits no matter what; help them from heart to build your rapport among your Network peers.

Social Media strategy can also bring greatness and sudden hike in your network by following Influencers and public figures, closely looking towards their journey so far, asking them directly by tagging in their best social hangout places for instant help can give you more insights on how you should build your own path for success.

Trust me almost everyone helps on social channels if you ask for.

Create content and tag influencers in your niche industry asking for feedback or try posting as your audience might be interested in this content I created and you may invite a great large group of audience to you that can surely help you to boost up your traffic and engagement.

Always show gratitude towards them for helping you directly or indirectly.

This is also a part of your strategy and you should be positive towards them and their preaching.


9. Create your own Social Groups

Trust me, and you will thank me in next few days or months, you will feel as this will be your best decision ever made for strategy planning and growth.

People love to follow most active and valuable communities around to get the latest information and their questions answered.

I also run a Facebook Group with more than 3500+ members to help people answer questions related to Digital Marketing, Making Money Online, Social Marketing, Blogging and much more. You may join here.

Do post everyday and ask people of same niche to add themselves and their like-minded connections to contribute is learning and sharing process.

Notify people about your running campaigns, performance, events, business news and much without being pushy for sales.

This community will be of those people who are already interested in your business and ideas. They will 97% more likely to purchase what you share with them as a recommendation.

Best part of 2017 is people know they are being marketed to some specific kind of products you offer and pushing them to purchase can repel them away so use wisely. Give value to get value!

Growing your group followers is not that hard. You can offer people to join in your daily or weekly newsletters. Offer freebies to let them join group.

Ask other people to join at least 5 like-minded people from their connections to add on more value. If they really like your thoughts, they will help you do the talking.

10. Run Re-marketing Advertisements

Re-marketing ads are he true winners in Social marketing segment and most successful entrepreneurs use them.

You need to login to Facebook Ads Manager with your profile and once in, you can copy Pixel Code to your website or blog along with that you can add some Event codes snippet to your landing pages and track conversions in real time.

You can track who clicked or visited your landing pages and if they took any action.

You can target those users in Facebook and other associated channels and show their ads to finish transactions.

Approximately 40% people convert sooner or later and your sales start rocketing and trust me that’s the magic of most marketers for effective social media marketing strategy.


Final Words

Social Media Marketing Strategy is wide and what works and what doesn’t works for businesses on different social channels depends on many things like their interest, your target audience, niche and industry or even your product type and Product Market fit.

I wrote what worked for me and may not work for you as social marketers have different thoughts on social media strategy and planning and they drive things differently.

How do you plan your social media strategy across different channel? What worked for you?

Share your strategy and help adding up in comments section below.



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